SPD Soccer Technique

A high-performance training for children and adults

In order to deliver a high-performance training, all ESSA coaches use the SPD manual. SPD means Structure, Progression and Development, a technique that secures the right training and progress for all players on all levels and the same high-performance coaching level. As an example, a normal training session includes:

  • 15%     Warm up: Divided in: General and Specific skills; fun games with and without ball; analytical situations with ball. We work one of these three aspects per week.
  • 40%     Main part 1.  Focused in one specific content. Always divided in two exercises. First one to introduce the content, second one to develop the content.
  • 40 % Main part 2. Real game, where we play the first minutes of this game with rules related to the main content covered in the whole session. After this, real game to work out the strategic contents established by the coach.
  • 5% Cool down and feedback. The cool down is made with stretching exercises, and we use this moment to clarify the strengths and areas in need of improvement.