Ebbe Sand, a true inspiration for ESSA and its team.

Ebbe Sand, founder and master coach of Ebbe Sand Soccer Academy Shanghai, is a former Danish international soccer player who played in the Brondby IF team in Denmark, Schalke 04 in Germany and the Danish National Team during 2 world cups. His professionalism on the field and humanism outside the field have made him a true inspiration and grow model for the team of coaches and players.

​As a player, he is considered a national hero, having won the Danish championship 3 times in a row 96, 97 and 98. He finished his remarkable 98 season with a double and scored 28 in the league, more than any player have done before or after. Bigger clubs noticed the Danish striker and after the astonishing year, that earned him the award as Danish player of the year, he moved to Schalke 04 where he played the rest of his career.

In Schalke, he won the German DFB POKAL in 2001 where he was once again honored as Danish player of the year, but also managed to become top scorer in the German Bundesliga with 22 goals; these achievements earned him the MVP honor in the Bundesliga, a reward given by his colleagues. In 2002 he managed once again to win the DFB POKAL, as one of Denmark’s best players for his time; he played 66 matches for the national team, where he scored 22 goals and competed twice in the world cup. The first time in 1998 and the second in 2002. He also took part of the national team representing Denmark at the Euro cup in 2000 and 2004.

ESSA’s High-Performance Philosophy is inspired by Ebbe Sand and is the foundation of all its programs. To deliver a High-Performance training, all ESSA coaches use the manual SPD (Structure, Progression, and Development), which secure a well-adapted training and progress for all players on all levels and the same high-performance coaching level in all our venues, independent of who is coaching the players. The SPD manual includes 250 different kinds of exercises and is based on appreciative pedagogic methods.

We believe that these types of exercises allow the players to develop in an environment that makes room for positive action. The result can be translated in players experiencing a heightened energy level, both physically and mentally. During the past 6 years, Ebbe Sand Soccer Academy Shanghai has gained the confidence of thousands of players and parents, who have supported their children into achieving their sports passion and dream.

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